Here lives all the updates we've ever posted on our website. This list does not represent everything that's going on though. Our Instagram and Discord are much more up to date!

A number of our club members have just come back from GDC. It was a very rewarding experience, and we met many students just like us. Strength regained 💙

In other news, we are launching a Mascot Contest! This character will be featured in our upcoming game, either as the tutorial assistant or an actual character. More details in our Discord!

Back from spring break and finishing up our game prototype! Everyone’s working hard to complete their part… cheer us on!

Incoming message from unknown, untraceable source. Starting decryption. Parsing and reading. Estimated accuracy 99.4768%. Reading message as follows:

[2024-02-11T20:35:49.148Z] SEMESTER GAME (CODEWORD <InstallationIgnotus>) BEGIN

Huh? What could this mean?

Congratulations to Rizzmaster 9999 for winning our Spring 2024 game jam. We will be sending them to PAX East in March!

We’ve also begun work on our semester-long game project. Nothing too concrete yet, so we will reveal more details at a later date 💙

We’re organizing another 24-hour game jam! Join us starting on Feb 3 @ 10 AM in Towne 337. Check #announcements for more info. Winners get free tickets to PAX East!! See you there.

Welcome back! We hope you had a good break. Reminder to sign up for a coffee chat sometime during the week of 1/21 if you’re submitting a game proposal. ☕

Thank you everyone for an amazing semester. We are now compiling all your games and will be publishing them in our Minigame Collection. Have a good break and see you in Spring 2024!!