Hey there! We are UPGRADE, UPenn's game development club

We meet every Saturday from 4โ€”7 PM in Levine 307.

Join our Discord to get the latest updates, announcements, and events!

Latest update


A number of our club members have just come back from GDC. It was a very rewarding experience, and we met many students just like us. Strength regained ๐Ÿ’™

In other news, we are launching a Mascot Contest! This character will be featured in our upcoming game, either as the tutorial assistant or an actual character. More details in our Discord!

What do we do?

Surprise surprise, we primarily make games. But beyond that, we also provide UPenn students the resources and opportunities to foster their passion and creativity.


Game jams

We organize two 24-hour school-wide game jams each semester. Anyone is welcome to participate.



For anyone new to game dev or looking to refine their skills, we host hands-on learning activities.


Speaker events

We regularly invite alumni and key industry figures to come and talk about their experiences.



As an officially recognized school club, we receive funding for trips to conferences like PAX East!

Application process? What's that?

We welcome anyone who is interested in any aspect of game development. That means artists, designers, programmers, writers, musicians, etc.

Unlike many Penn clubs, we don't have applications. Just show up to any of our weekly meetings to get started! (And join the Discord.)

Meet the board

Photograph of Anthony Ge

Anthony Ge


Photograph of Charles Wang

Charles Wang

Events, Design

Photograph of Christina Qiu

Christina Qiu

Industry Relations

Photograph of Kevin Ma

Kevin Ma


Photograph of Ray Feng

Ray Feng

Vice President